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Lonza Wood Protection
Formerly Arch Timber Protection, Lonza Wood Protection is the leading European supplier of products and processes for the effective preservative and fire retardant protection of timber.

Leading brand preservative products such as TANALITH E and VACSOL Aqua can be used to pressure treat timber and provide long term protection against decay and insect attack. Lonza can also supply timber treatment plant facilities and support services to help its customers supply high performance preservative treated timbers.

A choice of DRICON and NON-COM Exterior proven fire retardant treatments is available for timber used in both interior and exterior situations, providing a very effective surface spread of flame protection and more time in a fire situation. These are available through Lonza's dedicated fire treatment centre at Castleford.

Lonza Wood Protection is a business of Arch Timber Protection Limited, a Lonza company.
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Choice of Treatments

Introductory guide to Lonza preservative and fire retardant products

Dricon BBA

BBA Certification in support of Dricon fire retardant treatment

Dricon Specifiers Guide

Full specification information for Dricon fire retardant treatment

Drywood Woodstain

High performance coating for use with Non-Com Exterior fire retardant treated timbers

Drywood Woodstain Colour Range

Colour options for Drywood Woodstain

Non-Com Exterior Specifiers Guide

Introduction to specification of Non-Com Exterior fire retardant treated timber

Restol Wood Oil

High performance brush on coating for outdoor timbers and for use with Dricon fire retardant treated timbers

Tanalith Specifiers Guide

Guide to the specification of the full range of Tanalith preservative treatments

Vacsol Specifiers guide

Guide to the specification of Vacsol Aqua preservative treated timber