At TRADA we publish a wide range of materials aimed at the timber and construction industry to help everyone detail and construct great looking and performing buildings using wood.  


These documents are organised into series, as outlined below.


In most cases 2 or more publications in each series are free once you have registered with us (it only takes about 2 minutes). This will allow you to see the quality of information available to our members.

Detail drawings

Detail drawings showing precise methods of construction are available in this section. Current details are mainly focussed on providing thermal details for both new build and retrofit situations.

To view drawings that are within our books, please visit our online books section.

Other Technical Guidance

'Other technical guidance' is a general section for documents produced by TRADA which do not fall into one of our other main categories. In this section you will find a wealth of technical information.

Construction Briefings

TRADA Construction Briefings typically address regulatory requirements and government initiatives and seek to distil them down to the main issues.

The topics are usually complicated but necessary for our members to understand. They are designed to help the reader understand to what extent the issue affects him/her and what to do next.

British Standards Lists

By providing a wide range of books by other publishers, including British Standards, BM TRADAís bookshop aims to provide one of the most comprehensive range of publications of interest to those designing and building with wood.

CPA Construction Industry Forecasts

Because TRADA is a member of the Construction Products Association, members of TRADA are able to download these valuable economic forecasts as part of the membership offering.

Research Summaries

Research Summaries are relatively new and seek to report on relevant research by ourselves and others that we believe is of interest to our members. We are always keen to find out about new and future research work, which we could summarise in this way.

Please contact us at to let us know about a project you are involved with.

Magazine Articles

Over the years we have published many articles, particularly through our TRADA Yearbook, which provide a good, quick introduction to a wide range of topics.

Books (Online)

View the full text of selected books on line, including drawings and tables for free as a TRADA member.

All these books can be purchased in our bookshop, with substantial discounts for TRADA members.

Information from other organisations

A number of organisations have provided us with published documents to supplement the information that we have produced. As a registered user or member you are welcome to download any of these.

Wood Information Sheet

This is our most comprehensive and important published series, which provides a comprehensive introduction to many timber topics.

Choose and use

This series has been developed to provide quick and simple guidance for builders and merchants.

It covers the key doís and doníts for the major uses of wood in domestic construction.